Humble Alpha Leader Program

All Iconic leaders all have one thing in common: their identity is who they are, not what they do and certainly not a title. They are clear in their individual purpose and are not limited by just a role in a company, 

Achieving total balance in life is never easy, the more advanced your career becomes but we also know the ability for you to live a balanced life and achieve true fulfillment are already within you. We bring it to the surface so you, your company and your personal life are thriving.


If your business isn’t in growth mode, If you’re not working with a laser-focused team, If you’re not performing at your absolute best, If you’re not truly living your version of Quality of Life, then it is obvious why you are here right now, time to dictate your own reality. Our coaching and consulting solutions are custom tailored, held online, in-person or in group workshops and have
an immediate impact.

Last Goal Setting Course

Tired of setting goals and not reaching them? It’s likely because you haven’t mastered 2 things.

1. You likely don’t have a complete system for goal setting, most miss 3 important steps to make goal reaching a sure thing. We coach you on these aspects. 

2. You are chasing “goals” and not aiming to become a “Goal Reacher”. Being a Goal Reacher allows your goals to happen naturally. Create the habits and routines to get what you really want in life.

Peru Humble Alpha Tour – 2-9 May 2020

Create unshakable certainty for your future and find the clarity to achieve your wildest dreams. This journey in the heart of Peru is jam-packed, yet very peaceful into one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. Prepare to experience the most positive life-changing experience you’ve ever had. You’ll know when you’re ready, because this journey will call you.