Live a life of meaning



Becoming a true Humble Alpha Leader is anything but easy, it can be both paradigm shifting and frustrating. Facing the truth of who and why you are, and finding out you may not be fulfilling your true potential can be daunting, especially when you are in a position of power.

Realizing your identity is linked to your purpose, and that this alignment decreases stress, conflict and time spent working, creates a true paradigm shift.

You are the keystone decision maker in your life and in your business, but are you at your peak?

• Do you recognize your own shortcomings and “own” them?
• Could your relationship, not only with yourself but with your partner, be more fulfilling or exciting?
• Are you able to pinpoint conflict within your team?

If you answered yes, congratulations, not many have the courage to do so.

The big question is: what are you doing about it? Nothing? Too busy? 

How would it feel to know your most important decisions would be “battle-tested” with sound wisdom instead of always reacting or delegating, hoping it “works out”

How would it feel to know you can always make time for important family moments in life and not be stuck in the office? 

What would you do with all those “extra” hours if you were no longer working 50, 60 or more hours a week? 

What impact would it have if your team were empowered to make decisions, work above and beyond and have no conflict or drama?

Imagine instead

You have all the time you need to accomplish what is important for you as well as your daily tasks and still have discretionary time? Every great idea is being executed and the company continually grows, the team works with you, not just for you and are inspired. 

Imagine your mind is clear, your body is in peak condition, and the love of your partner and family surround you. 

And imagine company profits are growing year after year with you as the industry leader.

What would that mean to you? What would it mean to be running a very successful company while enjoying more discretionary time? To have control over the vision of your business and then delivering it fully, integrity to your word? Living a life of certainty in all you do, loving every day and achieving financial peace of mind?



True purpose, balance and fulfillment are already within you. The question is, are they a reality in your life right now? These fundamental emotions will propel you towards rapid transformation and growth. Most think such balance is not possible
because “work always takes priority”, The truth is that those very thoughts will indeed make it impossible to reach. We prove it is possible all the time, every time.

We understand the idea of “you already have it within” may be a different paradigm than what you are accustomed to. You may hear others preaching you the habits you must have in order to succeed or strategies you must implement to grow. All these external strategies and techniques aren’t the real fix, but they do help. Lifelong learning is key to success and growth, yet reaching that pinnacle of performance and fulfilment of who you are, earning a spot in the top 1% of leaders, is achieved by letting go of what you think you are supposed to be doing and actually following what truly fulfills, drives and inspires you. This is where we take you.


  • Leaders looking to create a laser-focused, empowered team and are sick of the conflict.
  • Leaders who make powerful decisions quickly and need their team to do the same.
  • Leaders who know there is more to life than just business but need to reach the “more”.
  • Leaders who are looking to make (or increase) impact in their business, teams and life.


    • Solo Entrepreneurs.
    • Leaders who already know it all.
    • Leaders who cannot make powerful decisions or delegate.
    • Leaders who are where they want to be, even if is is only perception.


    We understand that everyone’s journey is different and we also know your journey led you right here, right now. Everyone has the potential to step into their Humble Alpha, but most won’t, will you?

    We get it, not everyone wants to be an epic leader, to be the person everyone knows as the solid “go to” guy, the guy who is one with their purpose and identity – making world changing impact on a daily basis.

    You may feel you are not quite ready but you also know you must make a change don’t you?  Having a chat with us is the next step.

    Not everyone will be accepted into the program because not everyone will be a fit. Nor will everyone do the work to become a Humble Alpha. It takes a special sort of leader to take this step, it is not easy as well as very challenging on many levels

    Are you ready to step up and apply, ready to begin the most fulfilling journey you may ever experience?

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