Personal Consulting & Coaching

  • Business Growth Modules–Business Growth Modules
  • Personal Performance Strategy
  • Humble Alpha 1-on-1 Intensive
  • Self Leadership: Be Who You Are Meant to Be (#1 booked)

Delivery Methods:
– In-person at your location
– Online – 1-on-1

“Authenticity Dictates Market Value” – Steven Eugene Kuhn

“Trust Creates Empowered Teams” – Lane Belone


  • Business Optimization Modules
  • Performance Enhancement in Team or Leadership
  • Teamwork and Leadership Sessions
  • Branding Workshops (Best Seller)

Delivery Methods:
– On Site, in your office, with your team
– Online with you and/or your team

Workshops &

Get started – Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency Breeds True Authenticity

The key to success in any organisation large or small, national or international, start-up or turn around, rests on clear and precise procedures and structures and putting the right people in the right positions.

With these extensive workshops providing hands-on instruction, in-business mentoring and tangible results, you will need a strong mind, and an even stronger will to succeed in these business and life-changing workshops.

Have a special retreat idea? We can make it happen, simply contact us and we work out the details.

“True Belief is The Absence of All Doubt” – Steven Eugene Kuhn

Contact us and together we cultivate the best version of you and turn this into a workable plan
to achieve targets, goals and missions in a manner which is conducive to sustained personal growth and the bottom line…however you must take the first step, Click below.

“Delegate the Task, Never the Responsibility” – Steven Eugene Kuhn


Hiring and Maintaining A-Players
The number one problem in most companies is getting the right people and keeping them.
Traditional HR training and endless classes are failing, we offer an alternative that empowers teams
to be more productive, resulting in less conflict

Honesty, Integrity & Transparency (H.I.T.)
The H.I.T Principle – How Mindfully Applying Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency
Will Have An Immediate Positive Impact On Your Quality Of Life

Life Enterprise
Life Enterprise – How To Reconnect With Your Primal Masculinity and End Anxiety and Overwhelm In Your Life.

Relational Capital
“Relational Capital” – Dominating Your Marketplace Through The Surgical Application of Entrepreneurial Effort.
We focus on immediate impact revenue generation through collaboration so you have peace of mind to
create and grow (or turn around) your business.