Leader in The Company, but Not at Home?


At the office, you’re powerful. People show you respect. They listen when you speak and follow your word.

You get home, there’s no attention paid.

You can ascend in your career, but if you have not done a few key things at home, you’ll never ascend from the prince you were to the king you have become.

She won’t see it.

You may not like to hear it, but you have no one to blame but yourself.

It’s called a harsh reality. It stings, right? Well let’s elaborate if you think for a second, we haven’t been there.

No warm family greeting when you walk through the door? You feel like your stepping into negativity because you’re late for dinner, again? We know, you are doing your best. But are you really?

Sure, your family knows you are the provider, you bring home the bacon, but actually they want something more valuable that your money (and success), they want your time. You are so focused on personal success, sure you can say it is all for the family, and it very well may be, but your family just does not feel it because you don’t give them your attention and time, even when you are home you are not present, it is no wonder they respect you less than employees and colleagues.

Your family simply does not look to you as a leader, how can they when you don’t even feel the same at home as you do at work. You feel disrespected don’t you?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Successful business leaders are finding a solution to this ever-present situation in most leader’s lives, but it’s not the way most would think.

It’s not pre-scheduling family time, sacrificing time at work or taking them on an annual dream vacation where you are on your phone the whole time. These options may help in the short term, but they only address the symptoms, not the root cause.

The solution?

Get crystal clear on your identity. Then let her see it. Then the kids will see her see it and the rest will fall into place. It’s called the family dynamic, and it starts with its leader. You.

You may not be ready for this because you think you already know who you are, but if you are actually describing what you do, not who you are, you need an adjustment. Or you can just keep degrading your soul every time you walk through the door and end up frustrated, cheating and being the guy that broke your family up. You have heard these stories, right?

Intrigued? Then check this out:

Business leaders have been activating their Humble Alpha identity.

What is Humble Alpha? Why specifically identity?

Because your identity is the foundation for everything else in your life. What you do, is based on your identity. The ways you win in life, is based on your identity. The achievements you attain, are based on your identity. Everything is based on identity, that is if you want to truly come out as a person who feel present and powerful in all realms of life. If this is not you, then the Humble Alpha is not your path.

When you get clear on your identity, you become the leader not only at work and at home, but within. Sound too esoteric? Let me give you an example: You have certainly been in a room where someone walks in and you feel it, that person knows who they are and leads from an internal compass. They have presence, they are always a leader, no matter where they go.

Most importantly, when you know who you are, all your relationships get better, you are more relaxed, you gain influence and feel empowered to handle any situation. Imagine the power of knowing your identity!

This is why the first stage of our Humble Alpha Leader Program is solely focused on getting crystal clear on your identity. It’s the keystone to walking into any situation in life with complete confidence and certainty.

We get it, not everyone is ready to dig deep and activate their Humble Alpha identity. It’s like hiring a personal trainer. Who gets in better shape faster and stays there longer? People with trainers or without? Pretty simple when you see it that way.

If you are wise enough to invite a top tier leadership trainer in your life today, you will get there faster and stay there longer. It’s no secret to you that training requires a trainer and once you are on a success plane, you are likely to ride it a long, long time.

It requires you to step up in good and bad times. We see it often: a Leader is in trouble, feeling down, having relationship problems and they come to us and are excited to begin. Then they have a small success which allows them, to hide behind their ego once again, to stay in that safe space. This prolongs the suffering but it happens more than not. In the end you will be called, when you are done hiding behind your title or your position, hiding behind success at work, you will stand there asking, “what now.”

You have to seriously want it, because it’s hard work. Yet the effort is well worth it not only for yourself, but for your family and other important relationships you have been neglecting.

Are you frustrated of not being the leader in your own home? Are you saying you have no time to spend time with your family, are you scared you may lose your position if you are not only focused on business? It is all only thoughts, we show you the way to crack the slavery mindset.

Click Here. Set up a call. We’ll both decide and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Steven & Lane help leaders step into their greatness by unleashing their Humble Alpha. Steven brings decades of experience starting, growing and consulting hundreds of companies. Lane translates his leadership and high-performance experience as a Green Beret to the business world.